Hong Kongese Trio, 2017

Performing artists

Contemporary movement devising


Photo credit @Dennis Ho

Fluid in their artistic expression, ShumGhostJohn is a Hongkongesse trio making performance works across disciplines, previously trained in language, ballet, computer science and biology. Met in 2017, they devise storytelling works that recognise Hongkongese identity, power of being a collective and the nature of interdependence.


MA Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School (London, 2019)

Kangaroo Cup - Champion in lyrical/contemporary open section (Hong Kong, 2017)


Papergang Theatre, Royal School of Music, Contingency TheatreNhu Xuan Hua and more

List of works:

I'm not sure (Vaults Festival 'Freedom Hi' triptych version) (2020)

The Cup Noodle Act - Live Art Club (2019)

RLDU 右左下上 (2018)

Merry Christmas - Jingle Bell Rock (2017)

Project 2 - Puzzle (2017)

Project 1 - Seek (2017)

Photos credit @Enid Chan @Dennis Ho @Zoe Luk