Into object

Reality is like an illusion, with the stress on that ambiguous like.


- Timothy Morton (2013) Realist Magic   

What is object?

Objects are themselves. Objects are not themselves.

They are ever-changing. They are something else. 

We see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel. Is the coffee mug on the table showing the same colour every day? Is the sound of your phone the same every day? Does the texture of your pillow change today?

No object has a definite name for anything.

An object has their specific functions and appearance.

A matter is an entity which includes information.

According to Morton (2013), there is a constant influence of an object to another. Both objects require more of themselves. There must be something beyond that. He mentioned that there is no direct link between 'object' or 'matter' - if you prefer. There are chain effects within relationships, which requires the withdrawal of matter. In the chains, we will then be able to see the 'matter' beyond the 'matter'. 

- Morton's Realist Magic (2013)


It is the unfolding process of an object. The more you observe it, the more of a 'matter' it becomes - from a human perspective. The intersections of objects create different aesthetic effects. Intersections involve absence and birth of 'matters'.


so gentle, so mild. It is never violent

- The unspeakable unicity of an object

This is about the withdrawal of an object. To form a system of interobjectivity, one real object will be withdrawn. It is a compensation made to achieve the changing process of the object. To make a sweeter cake, a portion of milk will be withdrawn and more white sugar will be used. 

Humans give up time for money. Humans work hard for their dream. Humans sacrifice one for another. Isn't it the rule of survival? However, the word 'withdrawal' is much more passive than 'sacrifice'. 'Sacrifice' somehow has a meaning of actively 'withdrawn'. However, 'withdrawal' provides space and time for the birth of another object. 

Think like an object

We adapt. We make changes. We create.

We connect and get inspired. Just like objects do.

We give birth to ideas. 

22 January, 2021 

An object never exhausts itself because of withdrawal.

We withdraw to make things happen.


Withdraw our negative thoughts to appreciate.

There are always things to discover. 

15 February, 2021 

Believe in processes.

Processes are wonderful metaphors for existence: existing, continuing, flourishing, living.

02 March, 2021