I'm not sure what to do. It's flooding.

Here, there. A lot, too much.

I enter and I fall.

It was premiered in London Contemporary Dance School as a postgraduate solo choreographic work. (Dec 2019)


It is a play between object-movement relationship. It manifests the emotions towards the hometown Hong Kong - with the exploration of the characteristics of tea - as an inspiration. The hugging and kissing of tea inspired the moves towards the upper body. It is the feeling of enjoyments and obsessions. 

The passivity of objects is revealed as the tempo of the background music accelerated. It is about how an object responds to a stimulus. The movements become violent, uncontrollable, vigorous. 

Photos credit @Dominic Farlam


Music - Hin Lo

Light design - Charles Webber

Ceramic art - Anders Duckworth

Mentoring - Eva Recacha


London Contemporary Dance School